This is a list of our ingredients that are used throughout our soap and body care products. Check back as the list may grow when new products are made. If you have questions about what oils are used in a specific soap, please contact us. Our "original" recipe that is used for our essential oil and fragrance oil bars use the following oils/butters: coconut oil, castor oil, non-gmo canola, olive oil, rice bran, shea butter and sunflower oil. 


Organic Coconut Oil-Cocos nucifera, from the fruit of the Coconut Palm, is a great moisturizer. When rubbed into the skin, the rich natural fats are easily absorbed and penetrate deeply to plump up your cells creating a smoother, softer, healthier and more youthful appearance This oil gives soap cleansing properties and makes a rich creamy lather with big, fluffy bubbles. In hair care it is used as a hair tonic to stimulate the scalp and encourage hair growth

Organic Sunflower Oil-Helianthus annuus, expeller pressed from the seeds, is very high in essential fatty acids and helps to moisturize, regenerate and condition the skin. This oil is easily absorbed and can be used on all skin types. It is high in tocopherols (vitamin E), a natural antioxidant, making it especially helpful for delicate, dry or mature skin. It is known to be one of the most moisturizing vegetable oils. In hair care, nutrient-rich sunflower oil moisturizes, nourishes and protects for silky, strong, healthy hair. Sunflower oil is said to be a hair strengthener and prevent aging of the hair follicle.

Non-GMO Canola Oil-Brassica napus canola, is a moisturizing oil that promotes healthy skin. It is nutritious, conditioning, penetrating, and great for all skin types. Rich in essential fatty acids, canola oil helps prevent moisture loss, conditions, and softens skin. It is a fabulous oil in soaps and adds a silkiness to the lather. In hair care, canola oil penetrates the hair shaft and revitalizes and softens hair as it imparts shine. It helps repair damaged and smooth split ends as it provides a protective barrier.

Shea Butter-Butyrospermum parkii, also known as African Karite Butter, has been shown to increase the healing of wounds and improve scars. It is used to soothe burns, rashes, severely dry skin, and to lessen the irritation of eczema and psoriasis. It penetrates deep, moisturizes and nourishes, and is excellent for dry, damaged and maturing skin. Shea butter contains unsaponifiable fats, which do not turn to soap and thus supply wonderful moisturizing properties in a bar of soap. In hair care Shea Butter provides deep nourishment for the hair shaft, and moisturizes dry, dull hair resulting in improved luster and manageability. It is particularly beneficial for processed and heat-treated hair and is also believed to help promote new hair growth. The Shea butter we use, is certified organic, unrefined and fair trade.

Rice Bran Oil-Oryza sativa, rich in anti-oxidants, has long been used in Japan to protect and moisturize the skin. Rice bran oil, rich in gamma-oryzanol, is wonderful oil for itchy "alligator" skin. It contains natural squalene and antioxidants which are good for mature, delicate or sensitive skin. In hair care it adds sheen and manageability while moisturizing and conditioning hair without weighing it down. Rice bran oil contains proteins that help strengthen the hair shaft and impart shine and body.

Castor Oil-Ricinus communis, also known as Palma Christi oil, is expeller pressed from the castor bean plant. Rich in fatty acids, it is a soothing, lubricating oil that is readily absorbed by the skin. It moisturizes by acting as a humectant to attract and lock moisture to the skin. Castor bean oil adds mildness and richness to soap and provides a conditioning, fluffy lather with thick, large bubbles. In hair care castor oil is commonly used in hair conditioners and in hot oil treatments for brittle, damaged hair or hair loss. Castor oil coats the hair shaft and smooths the cuticle layer, sealing in moisture and leaving the hair feeling soft and silky.

Cocoa Butter-Theobroma cacao, a prime pressed creamy yellow butter from the seed of the Cacao Tree, has the distinct aroma of chocolate. Cocoa butter is an excellent all over the body moisturizer as it acts as an emollient (softening and soothing to the skin) that adds a protective layer that locks in natural moisture. It soothes and softens dry, itchy skin. The natural emolliency, moisturizing and antioxidant characteristics of cocoa butter make it an excellent choice for dry overworked skin. Cocoa butter is often found in products that claim to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars. In soap, cocoa butter helps make a hard, very moisturizing bar - great for very dry skin. In hair care cocoa butter easily absorbs into the hair and imparts sheen. It locks in moisture and helps protect the hair shaft. Plus, it smells good enough to eat!

Olive Oil-Olea europea, obtained from cold pressed olives, attracts external moisture, holds the moisture close to the skin, and forms a breathable film to prevent loss of internal moisture. Since the fat composition of olive oil is very similar to that of human skin, it rarely causes allergic reactions and does not block the natural functions of the skin. Olive oil is believed to have healing properties and helps keeps skin soft, supple and younger looking. In hair care, olive, used for centuries in hot oil treatments, helps repair split ends, control dandruff, and makes your hair shiny, silky, and lustrous.

Babassu Oil-Orbignya oleifera, expeller pressed from the seeds of the native Brazilian babassu palm, has been used for generations by indigenous cultures of South America as a natural moisturizer. A fast penetrating oil, Babassu is one of nature’s richest emollients and is especially good for eczema, itchy , dry and inflamed skin. In hair care babassu oil nourishes, moisturizes and restores hair strength, giving you shiny, healthy-looking hair.

Mango Butter-Mangifera indica, a gentle butter obtained from the fruit kernels of the Mango tree, is rich in essential fatty acids necessary to restore skin tone, elasticity and flexibility. It is a great moisturizer for all skin types, but especially mature, dry or sun-damaged akin. Nourishing mango butter helps provide relief from the dryness of eczema and psoriasis. In hair care, mango butter replaces moisture, adds softness, elasticity and shine to your hair.

Avocado Oil-Persea gratissima, expeller pressed from the pulp of the avocado fruit, is rich in vitamins A, D and E.  Avocado oil is very penetrating and imparts valuable nutrients to the skin because it is a penetrating oil rich in vitamins A, B1, B2 panthothenic acid, E and lecithin and fatty acids. Great for sun damaged and mature skin. In hair care it helps restore luster and hydrate dry and damaged ends.



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About Crooked Pine Farm & Soap

 Crooked Pine Farm was established in 2011. We are a little farm that consists of 7 acres, located in Southeastern Minnesota where farmland meets rolling valleys and bluffs. Originally when we purchased our little farm, all we planned on having was a flock of chickens for farm fresh eggs and a garden to feed our self sustainable lifestyle. Little did I know that we would wind up having a flock of chickens, two geese, miniature horses, and herd of dairy goats.

Since I was a teenager, I have always wanted to learn how to make handmade soap the traditional cold process way, but never knew where to start. I then had the opportunity to become fast friends with a very special woman that raised all of her children, who are now grown, on a farm where they had just about every kind of animal and a large herd of dairy goats. She gave me a “beginners” recipe for goat milk soap and from there on I started experimenting and sharing the results with family and friends. Thus Crooked Pine Soap was born.

In a world full of commercialized products, we believe here at Crooked Pine Farm that you have a right to quality, handmade soap done the traditional, artisan way. To know what ingredients are used and not used in it. To absolutely feel good about the product you are using for you and your family. And to support a small business that makes their product right here in the USA!

If you are looking for fancy packaging, colorful soaps, highly perfumed products, then maybe we aren’t the soap for you. But, if you are looking for a healthy and natural alternative made with ingredients you can read, our freshly squeezed goat milk and is a real treat for your skin, then give Crooked Pine Soap a try. We are confident that “once you go goat”, you will never go back!

"Real Goat Milk. Real Ingredients. Real Good." ~Crooked Pine Soap


Here’s the thing, we may make the product and love it ourselves, but we want to know what you think and have to say! This is a team effort here. What do you think about the soap? Do we have room for improvement? Any requests for different scents? A business cannot thrive without the help of it’s customers. Have something to say? Believe it or not we will listen because we care what we are making here at Crooked Pine Soap!

Description of Whipped Body Butter

What is a whipped body butter you ask? Think of a heavy, thick cream that has been whipped and has a light, airy texture to it. Our whipped body butter here at Crooked Pine Soap is a luxurious and nourishing moisturizer for your parched skin. It includes shea and mango butter, grapeseed and sweet almond oil. We combine these ingredients and then whip them on and off over a period of a several hours in order to create the light, airy texture. Our whipped body butter may be light, but it offers you some serious moisturizing for your skin. Try it on your feet. Try it on your hands. Try it on your elbows. Slather it wherever your skin may need extra TLC in the moisturizing department!


Why goat milk?

Many people wonder why use goat milk in soap. When you make soap the traditional cold process way, you need a liquid. Some soap makers will use water, fruit, vegetable or plant base juices, or even tea. Here at Crooked Pine Farm, we use our fresh goat milk due to it’s gentle, healing qualities. Goat milk is chock full of vitamins, proteins, and fats to help nourish the skin. The pH level of goat milk is also very close to the pH level of our skin, which prevents dryness and also allows the nutrients to enter the skin. Since we only use the purest ingredients derived from mother nature, and none of that other “junk” (no alcohol, petroleum, preservatives, parabens SLS, etc.) you can rest assured that our soaps are safe and free of nastiness!

Many commercial brands of soap use additives, chemicals, synthetic ingredients and colors, therefore making the soap harsh for our skin. These brands also remove the glycerin that is formed when soap is made and sell it as another means of profit. They then fill in the "gap" where the glycerin was with detergents and chemicals. While commercial brand soaps are “pretty”, the process to make this kind of soap eliminates crucial ingredients, but also includes harsh chemicals that wreak havoc on our skin. With Crooked Pine Soap, we make our batches small, “test” out the soaps with family and friends, especially those with sensitive skin and have the utmost confidence that we are giving you a quality handmade product that is produced and made right here in the USA. 

Are your bars all the same size?

Not completely. With our bars being hand cut you will notice slight variation in size, with the average weight of each bar ranging from 4.5-5.5 oz. Our bars are what we consider to be “rustic” and gladly accept that not all our bars look exactly the same way. We want to be able to give you more product for less money. If you prefer, feel free to cut your bar in half and you will make that one bar go even further!

How do I care for my soap?

In order to make your bar of soap last as long as possible, be sure to set it in a soap dish that drains. Do not let the soap sit in water, otherwise you end up with it getting mushy and soft. It is best to have it dry in between bathing, hand washing, etc.

What is the difference between your essential oil bars and the fragrance oil bars?

The difference is that the essential oils used are derived from plant material, such as the root, flower or leaves and are 100% natural. The fragrance oils used contain synthetic components in order to imitate scents that cannot be derived from mother nature. Rest assured that the fragrance oils we use are distributed from a company that tests them in cold process soaps to ensure their quality and safety. All of our essential oil soaps have the pure essential oils to scent them and our fragrance oil soaps have the fragrance oil or a combination of essential and fragrance oils.

What is the shelf life of my soap?

Soap gets better the longer it sits. You may find that after a year the scent may fade, but once you start using it, the scent inside the soap is re-released. If you like to buy a little bit extra at a time, we suggest storing it in a location that is out of direct sunlight, heat and non-humid.

Is your soap safe for my face, sensitive skin and skin conditions?

Yes. There are some of our bars that are geared more towards the face, but all the soaps can be used on your body, face and hands. Have a teenager with that pesky case of acne? Try our soap! The protein found in goat milk fights the bacteria that causes acne. As for sensitive skin and skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, our soaps can be used, but as with any new product we recommend doing a test patch first. Safety first!

Do you do custom orders?

Yes we do. If you wish to request a custom soap order, please contact us for what you are specifically looking for. The custom soap order will be right around a 3 lb. loaf . We will ship the loaf after it has set up and then you will need to cut the bars to your liking and cure them in a dark, non-humid room on some type of shelving that air flow is able to pass through (i.e. cooling racks, metal shelving racks, etc.) for 4-6 weeks before use.

What ingredients do you use in your soap?

*For a complete list of our ingredients, please refer to our home page and select the Ingredients tab.*

When it comes to our soap, you will find that the ingredients listed are ingredients that you can actually read and high quality at its best. We use oils and natural butters for the “fats”. Our goat milk that we use is not outsourced or from a can or concentrate but straight from our farm from our most loyal employees and producers, the goats! We do not use any water in our soap, but rather use as much goat milk as our recipe will allow to give you a high quality goat milk soap bar. We also use sodium hydroxide, better known as lye, to create the saponification process. This is the process when our fats (oils) are mixed with the alkali (lye). Once this process is complete, the lye is no longer present, but rather you now have “saponified oils”. All real soap is saponified. Then we finish off with our 100% natural essential oils or high quality fragrance oils.

We do not use any artificial colors or dyes in our soap. Any colors that may be seen in our soap are a result of our scents through natural discoloration or any additives such as oatmeal, herbs, teas, coffee grounds or clays. Our soaps are beautiful just the way they are, we aim to please the skin rather than the eyes.

 What about the goats?

The goats we raise not only play a vital role in our soap making business, but they are like family. We raise a small herd of registered French Alpine dairy goats.  We typically milk between 3-4 does (female goat) at a time during our milking season, which is roughly 9 months.  We feed our goats non-GMO grain and hay during the colder months, but then they are out to pasture during the warm months.  We raise our goats as holistically as possible. This includes herbal wormers, herbal tonics for healthy pregnancies and kidding, and immune boosters.   We try to rotate our breeding does every year, giving them a break and ensuring they are healthy and strong for their next pregnancy.  Not only do our goats provide us with fresh milk for soap making, but we also enjoy it for drinking, yogurt and cheese making.  Our goats are the base of our soap business and our farm. Happy goats equals happy soap!



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